What To Do If Your Washer Isn't Working

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Your washer and dryer are important parts of your household, but you probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about them outside of when you are doing laundry. But without regular maintenance and care, it's possible your washer (or dryer) could break down sooner than it should. If you are currently having trouble with your washer, here are some tips that might help.

The Washer Won't Turn On

If nothing happens when you push the button or pull the knob, that's obviously not ideal. If you want to figure out what the problem is, there are at least three key areas you might want to look into. The first is the lid switch. This is the switch that lets the washer know that the lid is securely in place and there is not risk of water going anywhere when the washer is in motion. If the washer still thinks the lid is open even when it's clearly closed, you may need to install a new lid switch.

Another potential issue could be the washer's motor. These motors do acquire wear and tear over time. It is possible that you could accelerate this process if you put too much into the washer. If the motor has to really strain to make the clothes move around, it could eventually break and then fail to start. There could also be an issue with the start button or knob itself, although that is a simpler fix.

The Washer Won't Drain Properly

If you open up the washer after it's supposed to be done and there is still some water in the tub, you obviously have a drainage problem to deal with. One of the most common reasons a washer will fail to drain is if there is a clog in the drainage tube. Remove the tube from the washer and clean it out or install a new one. If there is no clog in the tube, then you might be dealing with a broken pump, and that's something that a washer and dryer repair specialist should probably handle.

Water Is Leaking

A clog in either the drain or fill lines could cause the washer to leak. This is sometimes caused by putting too much detergent into the washer. A buildup of detergent residue over time could cause a blockage that causes water to spill out of the tube or line. A more serious leak may occur if the washer tub has been breached.

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