Considering Automatic Doors For Your Business? Make The Upgrade Now

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If you have a business and the doors for the entrance to your commercial property are starting to look aged and aren't very secure, you may want to make the change to automatic doors. There are many different automatic options that are great for commercial spaces, to help with people going in and out of the building and to also make the building more secure. Talk with an automatic door professional about these features.

Help the Handicapped

You want to help the handicapped and the elderly get in and out of the door without hassle. If you have heavy doors or if people who aren't at full strength or aren't very strong have a hard time with the doors, get an automatic option. It can be easy to have these installed, and the automatic doors are also convenient for people that have their hands full walking through.

Get a Great Locking Option

Automatic doors are heavy and come with great locking options. If you are considering replacing your old doors with new ones, then locking doors are doors you can feel confident because they have great locks.

Talk with the automatic door installation company about the different locking options and features for controlling the locks. Will wireless controls and emergency response options if the door is opened while it's supposed to be secured, you will improve security greatly.

Improve Glass Strength

You want to choose a door that has thick, durable glass. The glass should be bulletproof and shatterproof, so someone can't shoot their way in or try to smash through the door with a bat or another item. The thicker the glass and the more durable the door, the higher the cost, but it's well worth the investment that you will have to make to improve the safety.

You may also want to consider putting a post or beam in front of the doors so that it is impossible or very difficult for someone to drive inside the building with a car if they want to force their way in. If you are looking to improve your door and you think that an automatic option with a post that you can push a button and have the door open from both the inside and outside, get an estimate to have the door installed. You should also be able to control the door from a security room or with a wireless control.


25 September 2018

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