Buying A Home In A Hurricane Prone Area? Tips For Buying Impact Windows And The Benefits Of Installing Them

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If you are buying a home in a hurricane prone area, you need to do what you can to protect you and your family. One way to do this is to install impact windows. Below are some tips on buying these windows, as well as the benefits they offer you.

Types of Material

When you purchase impact windows you have different materials to choose from, the most common being wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Wood can offer energy savings, but they are expensive to maintain. Wood material can also be very expensive. The major drawback to wood is it will warp over time. Wood does do a good job during a hurricane, however.

Vinyl is cost-effective and holds up well to hurricane winds. Vinyl is easy to maintain also. For example, it will never need to be painted. The only maintenance you need to worry about is cleaning the vinyl periodically.

Aluminum is the strongest and most durable material available, which means it holds up best to hurricane winds. One drawback of aluminum is it does have to be maintained, such as repainted every few years.

Types of Impact Glass

You will find different types of glass used for impact windows in your home. One type is laminated glass. These windows have two sheets of glass with a protective interlayer sandwiched between the glass. This interlayer bonds the glass together, which strengthens the glass.

Another type of glass is known as insulated glass. There are three sheets of glass and an air space between each sheet. This is done by filling the space with gas or air. These windows are often used in colder climates as they off insulation for your home. This type of glass is very durable and holds up well to debris and high winds so many people choose this type no matter what climate they live in.

Benefits of Impact Windows

One main benefits of impact windows is that no matter what type of glass you choose, they will not break into large shards of glass. This is beneficial because large shards of glass flying in your home will cause injury and even death. Instead, the glass breaks into small pieces.

Impact windows can save you money on your energy bills as they provide insulation. This is because the windows prevent air from escaping out of or getting into your home.

Impact windows also reduce the amount of noise that gets into your home from the outside. The windows block the harmful UV rays coming from the sun that shines through the windows also.

Talk with a company that sells impact windows to learn much more about them.


25 September 2018

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