Signs Of Summer — In The Gutter: Seasonal Causes Of Clogs

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You know that leaves, twigs, and general muck can clog up your roof's gutter, but those aren't the only things to look out for. Even if your summer weather is so uneventful that you know you won't find yard and tree debris in the gutters for months, you still have to keep an eye on your gutters and repair or replace any that are broken. Lots of spring- and summer-related debris can end up in the gutters over the next couple of months.

Sports Equipment

From golf balls to broken Frisbee bits, sports equipment can be a major contributor to roof gutter clogs. If you live near a golf course — even one with net barriers between local housing and the course — you could find stray golf balls that have landed on your roof and rolled into the gutter. Tennis balls also fit in most gutters, and kids can throw almost anything up onto the roof, such as toys, mitts, and other items.

If you do find these items, it would be a good idea to inspect the immediate area — check the gutter material for dents and possible cracks.


Birds and squirrels are the main culprits here, though raccoons and chipmunks aren't far behind. Not only can these critters build nests in your gutters, but they can drop items like food in there as well. There are legal issues regarding birds' nests -- for many species, for example, you can't move a nest if it has eggs or live birds living in it -- so before you try to clear things out yourself, you'll need to call either a gutter company that has experience with animals, or an animal control company. When the animals or their debris are gone, have the gutters inspected, and possibly add a gutter guard.

Firework Debris

Whether home fireworks are legal in your area or not, your neighbors might start setting them off in a backyard. You risk having debris like wrappers and caps land in your gutters, and if you have leaves in there, that's a fire risk in addition to a clog risk. It's a good idea to get the gutters cleared out before Independence Day and other firework-related occasions, and then to check the gutters again after the celebrations are over.

While many of these are small, light items, they can still create massive clogs and even damage the gutter material to the point of needing to replace a section. Have a gutter installation company take a look at the gutters you currently have and see if there's damage or corrosion. Have those sections replaced so that you're ready for the summer months and any rain that might arrive.


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