Five Tips For Designing A Home You Can Live In Forever

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Building your own home has many benefits. For one thing, it allows you to completely customize to your needs both now and in the future. This is why it's important to not only think about the now, but think about the future, as well, especially if you are trying to build a home you can live in forever. Here are five tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Keep Accessibility in Mind: Keeping accessibility in mind is important when building your forever home. If you are going to be living in this home in your older age, you need to be able to continue getting around even as your body might begin to become more frail. If you are going to build a two or three story home, be sure that the stairs are wide to accommodate for the possible need for wheelchair access and railing on both sides so one can easily stabilize themselves on it. 
  2. Keep a Growing Family in Mind: If you don't already have kids, you definitely want to consider the possibility of adding them into your family. Even if you don't have plans to have children, you never know. This could definitely lead to your home feeling a lot smaller if your family becomes larger, so being able to accommodate with enough rooms is important even if it means saving some land space and adjusting the layout of the home to possibly add on to the home later on in the future. 
  3. Keep Resale in Mind: If you plan on reselling at some point, you need to be sure that you are not compromising the value in any way. Be sure that most of the features and the layout of the home are considered to be of the norm. Otherwise, it's going to be a lot harder to sell later on. Even if you don't plan on reselling, you never know what could happen down the road that could lead to the need to resell. 
  4. Keep Storage in Mind: Finally, all too often, people who are building their own home forget about storage space. Storage space is an absolute must, so be sure that there is enough of this for you to be able to accommodate for all of your family's needs. Don't make rooms too large that storage space cannot be accommodated for. 

Doing these four things can easily help you design a home that could potentially be called your forever home.  Contact a home builder for more help.


20 February 2018

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When I decided to turn my backyard into a pool and spa space, I wanted to have a pool house built. Adding a pool house would give me somewhere for everyone to shower and change without tracking pool water and dirt into the main house. I worked with a local contractor to construct a pool house with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor showers, and full indoor restroom facilities as well as a game room and changing rooms. I created this site to journal the process so that I could hopefully inspire others to do the same. I hope this site takes some of the mystery out of the construction process for you so you can build the backyard structure you've always wanted.