Adding A Fireplace To Your New Home

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Many homeowners look for fireplaces when evaluating potential properties to purchase. If you fall in love with a home despite the fact that it doesn't have any fireplaces, you can always add these architectural features in the future.

Here are three things to consider when adding a fireplace to your new home.

1. Your desired location.

Before you invest in a new fireplace for your home, it's important that you determine where you want the fireplace to be installed. Most people want a fireplace to serve as a focal point within the home, so placing your fireplace in a living room or family room can be beneficial.

Once you have determined your desired location for a fireplace, you can utilize the interior design of that room to help influence the style of fireplace you purchase.

2. Your commitment to maintenance.

When you are considering the addition of a fireplace to your new home, you should think about the amount of time you are willing to spend on maintenance. If you don't want to be bothered with routine cleaning, then a wood burning fireplace might not be your best option. Go with a gas fireplace instead.

Gas fireplaces require minimal maintenance to function properly, and these fireplaces produce a flame using natural gas as a fuel source. This means that your fire will not have an odor, but will still produce the heat and ambiance you desire from a fireplace in the future.

3. Accessibility to a fuel source.

If you do decide to go with a gas fireplace for your new home, you need to consider how accessible a gas line is when installing the fireplace. If your fireplace will be installed in an area near an existing gas line, then installation costs will be low.

If you need to add a new gas line in order to provide fuel for your new fireplace, this new gas line could drive up installation costs. Determining how accessible your new fireplace's location is to an existing gas line will help you determine how much it will cost to add a fireplace to your new home.

A fireplace can tie a room together and help to add interest to your new home. Before you purchase a new fireplace, you should take the time to consider a few important pieces of information. Think about where you want your fireplace to be installed, how much time you have for maintenance, and the location of existing gas lines to help streamline the installation of your new fireplace in the future. Visit a site like for more help.


10 January 2018

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