3 Simple Tips To Help Update The Electrical Wiring In Your Home

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When the electrical system in your home is outdated, updating it is an important task to ensure your home is safe from the potential hazards. Some of the problems that you may have in your home could include, outdated wiring, no GCFI outlets and the lack of grounded wiring. Here are some simple tips that will help you update the wiring in your home to ensure that your family is safe from the hazards of old electrical systems:

1. The Fire Risks of Old Wiring and Insulation

One of the major problems with older homes is wiring that is outdated and causes a fire risk. In many older homes that were built before the '80s, aluminum wiring was commonly installed. If you have a home that is older than this and still has some of the original wiring, then it is likely to have aluminum wiring that needs to be replaced. Some electrical systems that are even older may have wiring with aluminum insulation that also needs to be replaced.

2. Reduce Electrical Hazards with GCFI Outlets Where They Are Needed

Another problem that you may face in older homes is lack of modern GCFI outlets where they are needed. GCFI outlets are meant to protect you from electrical shock hazards where water is present. All the outlets in your bathroom, kitchen and patios should be GFCI outlets with their own build-in ground fault breaker. In addition, you may also want to install GCFI outlets in areas like basement or where water problems are a more likely to happen.

3. Undersized Electrical Systems and The Lack of Grounded Wiring

One of the biggest problems with the electrical systems in older homes is they are often undersized. These systems may also have been designed before grounded electrical wiring became standard. If you have a system that is undersized, consider having a larger modern breaker box installed for the wiring in your home. You want to make sure that there are enough outlets and that they allow have the ground plugs where they are needed. Talk with your electrical contractor about the where you want to have extra outlets for things like computers and home entertainment centers. You may want to have them installed built-in surge protection in these areas.

These are some tips that will help you update your home to ensure your family is safe from the hazards of outdated electrical systems. Contact a home energy auditing service, such as Convenient Home Services, Inc., to help with electrical and mechanical upgrades for your renovations.  


24 October 2017

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