Ideas On How To Successfully Remodel An Older Home

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Have you inherited an older home? Perhaps you have fallen in love with an older home and you have bought it with the intention of modernizing it. Either way, from replacing the siding to buying replacement windows, here are some ideas on how to successfully remodel an older home.

​Do Your Homework Before You Begin The Work - 

Take the time first to research the look you want and ask yourself some important questions, including the following ones.

  • Do you want to include an addition?
  • Is the original floor in good shape?
  • Do the windows need replacing?
  • Are kitchen appliances outdated?
  • Does the siding need to be replaced?

As you answer those questions and others, make a written list of things that need to be done. Write down the things you can do yourself and the work that needs to be done by professionals. In addition, write down dates of when you want to have everything on your list finished. Make sure that other people who are doing part of the remodel job understand that there is a deadline. 

​Work You Can More Than Likely Do Yourself -

  • Paint cabinets and other woodwork
  • Polish things like brass doorknobs
  • Change outdated wallpapers
  • Paint the walls
  • Do much of the cleaning

Work That Is Probably Saved For Professionals -

  • Replace the siding 
  • Install modern windows
  • Replace old gutters
  • Repair damaged foundation
  • Update electrical system

One of the benefits of totally remodeling an older home is that, besides restoring its beauty, you can also modernize it. For example, since the house is old, the original windows are probably not very efficient. Consider replacing the windows with modern double-paned windows that are energy efficient. The money you spend on modern windows will be very worth the expense when your utility bills arrive each month.

If you are adding modern all-weather siding as part of your remodeling job, think about using a new design. For example, select a faux stone look or a distressed wood look which look like natural materials. Like regular siding, faux stone or siding that looks like distressed wood will last for a very long time.

Think of things that need to be done on the outside of your home, too. For example, since the time that the house was originally built, more efficient gutters have been invented. Consider buying those if the old ones are in poor condition. Also, think of adding things like statuary and other decorative pieces to beautify the outside of your home. Contact a company, like Allstate Gutter & Siding, for more help.


24 September 2017

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