Cedar Or Redwood...What Should Your New Deck Be Made Out Of?

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When you have finally opted to invest in a new deck for your home, one of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is the type of wood that you want it to be made of. Although there are numerous options to choose from, two popular choices in recent years have been cedar and redwood. Therefore, you will want to be aware of the following positive and negative aspects of both.

Planning For The Use Of Cedar

Cedar is a softwood that has often been used for many outdoor projects. It presents in three different grades, consisting of basic, mid-grade and high-quality. It only makes sense that the basic option rarely has the same lifespan or long-term aesthetic appeal of the high-quality cedar and there is often a corresponding cost difference between the three options. The good news is that even the high-quality cedar is still moderately priced and thus, affordable for many homeowners.

One reason for cedar's popularity is its natural resistance to rot. In addition, it does not seek out water sources as some other forms of wood do, which means that it is more likely to maintain its original shape and construction throughout significant weather fluctuations. Unfortunately, in order for the cedar to remain usable and functional, you'll need to have it resealed periodically. Even then, as a softwood, it's original color will still fade.

Opting To Use Redwood Instead

Redwood, like cedar, is a softwood. That means that you will also need to have it re-stained or water-proofed periodically, but its unique composition permit it to easily absorb that product. If you live in a very humid environment or if you see a lot of rain or winter precipitation in your area, redwood might not be the right choice. That is due to its inherent rotting ability when exposed to moisture for significant periods of time.

In addition, that aforementioned composition means that it is unlikely to warp, dry-out or otherwise become unusable, since it holds its own moisture. The trade-off for its increased use and appeal can be seen in its cost, since redwood is becoming increasingly rare...and by extension, a bit pricey. Given adequate care throughout its use and proper initial installation, redwood has been estimated to perform its duties for 20 years or longer.

In conclusion, adding a deck to your home allows for many enjoyable events to take place and when constructed properly, that deck can last for many years. As a result, it's imperative for every responsible homeowner to be sure that they have chosen the most appropriate type of wood for that endeavor and the above information will help you to do so.


30 August 2017

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