Got A "Farting" Well Pump? What It Is And Why It May Be Happening

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If you have a well pump, then you know that problems with the well pump come with it. Hopefully, you will not have to experience that many problems with your well pump until it is exceedingly old. However, a more common problem with not-so-very-old well pumps is referred to as "farting" well pump. Here is more on what this means and why it may be happening.

Gurgling and Stinking

The reason why this well pump is given such a moniker is because the pump seems to make lots of gurgling and chugging noises. It also produces some immediately noticeable and unpleasant smells near the well and in your water, which may remind you of the rotten egg smell of flatulence.

Why It May Be Happening

The gurgling and chugging may be due to:

  • Air bubbles in the line between the pump and your water storage tank
  • Rocks or pebbles that have accumulated in the hoses that the pump uses to suck up water from the well or the hoses that disperse the water to the holding tank
  • Natural gas that has found its way up from the rocks below your well and into the pump 
  • Pump components that are failing (although this is much more rare with younger well pumps)

Most of these issues can be fixed, but some may require more extreme measures than the others. For example, if you have natural gas floating up to the well from the rocks underneath, the only courses of action you can take are wait it out, or relocate your well. Neither option is very appealing, as the natural gas is what causes the stink in the well and your water, while relocating the well is particularly expensive.

Call Well Pumps Service to Find the Problem

Really, without pulling the pump up out of the well, it is difficult to find out what the source of the problem is. If the pump is hoisted up, the repair technician can find the blocked hoses, blocked intake ports, "bleed" the air bubbles from the lines, and/or replace the failing parts. With the pump out of the well, it is also easier to find out if the source of the gurgling and choking is the pump, or if there is a lot of natural gas surfacing in your well. The pump repair technician can offer solutions after diagnosing the problem and then perform repairs on the spot.

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