Two Questions Those With Brick Homes Might Have

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Brick homes can be attractive, durable, and affordable. However, homeowners that do not appreciate or understand the need to care for their masonry may accidentally compromise the look or integrity of their homes. Improving your understanding about common masonry topics should help you to be far better prepared to keep your brick home in excellent condition.

Are Cracks In Masonry A Serious Problem For A Homeowner?

Cracked bricks or mortar can be the most common issue that a brick house will experience. Unfortunately, some homeowners will assume that these cracks do not pose a major threat to the house, so they may avoid repairing these damages. However, it must be observed that these cracks can cause serious structural problems for the house. As time progresses, these cracks can grow in both length and depth, which can cause the wall to be more likely to collapse.

If you find that there are cracks forming in your home's masonry, you should act quickly to have these cracks filled and sealed. Applying a filler to the cracks will help to structurally reinforce the brick, and the sealant will stop moisture from getting inside the masonry, as moisture exposure will accelerate the worsening of these cracks.

Can You Take Steps To Mitigate The Risk Of Your Masonry Developing Cracks?

Due to the damages that cracks can cause and the inconvenience of repairing them, preventing them from forming should be an important goal for anyone that owns a brick home. A highly effective option for minimizing these cracks is to have the exterior of the home treated with a masonry sealant so that water will be unable to seep into the pores of the bricks and mortar.

Preventing scratches to the exterior is also important, as these scratches can weaken the sealant and the brick. To prevent scratches from occurring, you should trim any bushes and trees away from the exterior of the home. Also, you should consider installing parking blocks to prevent individuals from parking close enough to your home to accidentally bump the brick with the car.

If you have recently purchased a brick home, you will need to appreciate the unique needs of bricks and mortar. Appreciating the facts that failing to repair cracks that have formed in the masonry can be an easy and expensive mistake to make as well as the steps for preventing cracks from forming can enable you to make sure your home looks great while minimizing the maintenance expenses for your property. For more information, contact a company like Corrado Construction.


9 February 2017

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