Repairing A Leaking Refrigerator On Your Own

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If you noticed puddles of water accumulating underneath or inside of your refrigerator unit, you will most likely want to stop the leaking from occurring so your floors and uneaten food do not become ruined from moisture exposure. There are a few reasons why a refrigerator could have a sudden leaking problem. Here are some spots you should take a look at in detail in an attempt to stop water from dripping inside or underneath your unit.

Tending To Pooling Water Under The Unit

Underneath your refrigerator is a drip pan, which collects condensation as the refrigerator runs. If there is a crack in this pan, water will spill onto your floor. If the water dripped into the collection area quickly, it may overflow. This pan is usually accessed from the front of the unit so it can be dumped out if water leaking occurs. Reach under your unit and pull out the pan so it can be evaluated. Check over the pan for wear and replace it with a new one if necessary. For a quick fix, apply caulk to any cracks to seal them until you can get to an appliance supply store to purchase a new pan.

Making Sure The Door Has A Tight Seal

If your refrigerator door does not close properly, warm air will make its way to the interior of the unit. This can cause your food to warm to unsafe temperatures and will also contribute to moisture accumulation. Make sure your refrigerator door is tightly closed after you take something out of the unit. Push the door shut by hand rather than allowing it to close on its own after opening the door. Take a look at the door gasket to ensure there are no cracks or rips present. If the gasket looks worn, replace it with a new one.

Taking Care Of Water Inside Of Your Refrigerator

If water is dripping onto the shelves in your unit, there is a chance it is the result of an ice chunk being caught inside the condensate tubing that runs from the freezer toward the drip pan underneath. If ice gets caught in this tubing, condensation will not be able to be directed properly and will instead settle along the bottom of your freezer since the pathway will be blocked. In some refrigerators, this water will make its way into the main portion of the unit.

Turn off your refrigerator, place your food in a cooler with some ice, and open the freezer door. Defrosting the unit will melt the ice in the tubing, allowing moisture to accumulate in the drip pan once again. To speed up the process, use a hair dryer to heat the end of the tubing. This can be accessed via a hole on the bottom floor or back wall of your freezer.

For more information about how to repair your refrigerator, contact professional appliance repair companies, like J & M Appliance.


20 December 2016

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