Two Carpet Stains To Avoid Creating And How To Avoid Them


Most carpet cleaning professionals will agree that there are so many stains that will come out with a professional cleaning. However, there are a rare few stains that will never come out, and not even a professional carpet cleaner has what it takes to remove these stains. As such, you should avoid creating these carpet stains at all costs. Here are a couple of those stains and how to avoid creating them.

Pen Ink

Broken pens are hazardous to your clothes—you can consider your shirts, slacks, ties, and blazers history if they get ink stains on them. The same holds true for carpets, only it is much worse because the ink will get smeared around in the carpet threads and stay there. Carpets made from absorbent yarn threads are the worst for ink stains because the ink will get pulled down into the carpet's yard threads, all the way to the carpet backing and below. As you know from any personal experiences with broken ink pens and clothes, nothing gets ink out.

However, you can prevent ink stains by not using pens near carpeting. You can also avoid this problem by not using fountain pens, which are notoriously messy to begin with. Finally, you can avoid very messy ink stains in your carpeting by installing low-pile berber with synthetic fibers, which will resist some of the ink and allow you to carefully blot up any ink that lands there by accident.

Asphalt Residue

You would think this last type of carpet stain would be easy enough to avoid. After all, it is not every day that you wander through freshly-laid asphalt. Yet, if you happen to walk down your street on a repaving day or you walk across your freshly-made asphalt driveway, you may have the tar residue on your shoes. That sticky, black mess not only dirties up your carpet, but makes it really tacky and unpleasant on bare and socked feet. Once stuck or embedded in your carpet, it will never come out. So, make plans to check and remove your shoes if you walked near or on fresh asphalt.

Protection Is the Best Prevention

Professional carpet cleaners will tell you that the best protection against stains is prevention. Removing your shoes at the door or using carpet runners everywhere will help. When stains like the ones above do occur, they will hopefully happen on the carpet runners. If your carpets are still clean and clear, professional cleaners can apply Scotchguard and Teflon coatings to lessen the damage from these stains, but other preventive measures should be taken.


2 November 2016

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