Ideal Locations Throughout Your Home For Some USB Wall Outlets

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If you're an avid user of technology and are keen on the idea of making some simple electrical upgrades to your home, you can hire an electrician to change some traditional wall outlets for USB outlets. The latter still has a functional two-outlet housing, but also typically includes two USB ports, which will allow you to charge and power your various electronic devices without needing power adapters, which can be expensive and can have a habit of getting lost. You might be wondering which rooms are most conducive to having this type of wall outlet installed. Here are some ideas.

Home Office

The home office is a logical choice for getting rid of a traditional wall outlet and replacing it with a tech-friendly USB outlet. This is a room in which you might commonly use your smartphone or tablet, especially if you work from home. Having a USB wall outlet mounted near your desk can allow you to keep these devices plugged in and fully charged while you work.

TV Room

The room in which you commonly watch TV at home is also ideal for having a USB wall outlet installed. This is especially worthwhile if you use your smartphone or tablet to control apps on a smart TV. For example, with certain applications that you watch on TV, you'll actually be controlling the playback, volume and other features with your phone or tablet. This can drain the battery of either device quickly, so it's ideal to be able to plug it into an outlet located next to where you sit to watch the screen.


Your garage might not seem like an ideal room in your home for a USB wall outlet, but this location can indeed be ideal if you frequently tackle projects in this space. Whether you're working on the car or performing any other type of home maintenance job in a makeshift workshop, it's ideal to be able to watch online video tutorials of the task you're performing. The last thing you want is for your tablet's battery to die in the middle of the job, so making sure that it's plugged into a USB wall outlet in the garage will avoid this problem.


Installing a USB wall outlet in the kitchen is ideal because it might be the place where you leave your phone when it's not in your pocket. Additionally, if you enjoy using your tablet to follow recipes while you cook, it's convenient to plug the device into a USB port and not have to worry about the battery draining when you need the device.

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8 September 2016

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