Fixing Leaks With Duct Tape? Better Solutions To Plumbing Woes

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Everyone has heard of the "duct tape" home improvement technique. Just pop duct tape on any kind of rupture, and it'll be fine, right? That's not exactly how home improvement works, and while duct tape can be effective in temporarily stopping plumbing leaks, there are better solutions. Here are three tips for fixing drips and leaks the right way.

Use Epoxy or Putty 

The first thing you need to do is to shut off the water valve that allows water to enter the leaking pipe or faucet. Next, you're going to drain the water out, so you can get a good look at why the pipe is leaking. If a seal is broken or there is a crack, this is when you can use an epoxy mixture or plumbing putty to seal the leak properly. After the seal is in place, cover the leaking area with liquid rubber. Now, if you want to include duct tape, you can wrap it around for extra security, but it's not necessary.

The benefit of using epoxy or putties is that they are much more water resistant than tape, and they both are designed to work on plumbing pipes. Epoxy holds tightly since it's a glue, and once it hardens, it's very difficult to damage. Covering the repair in rubber keeps water from breaking it down over time.

Change the Pipe

Another thing you can do to fix a leak is to remove and replace a pipe. For example, if you look under your sink, you may see plastic piping leading to your drains. If that pipe is leaking or has a damaged seal, it may be more effective for you to replace the part.

After you shut off the water, pull the part out and take it to a local hardware store. The team there can help you match it to a new part, so you can replace the damaged piping. Simply reinstall it, run your water, and see if the dripping has stopped. If it has, then you don't need to do anything else. If not, then you may want to use epoxy as an extra seal on the piping.

These are two of many ways to fix leaks at home. Whether you have metal or plastic piping, these techniques will help you eliminate expensive repairs. Remember to take your time, and if a pipe is particularly challenging, call a plumber to take a look at the problem. 


8 September 2016

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