Help Your Parents Sell Their Home Quicker With Painting

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Painting the exterior of the home is a great strategy for increasing the value of the home, but there are definitely a number of factors that go into whether or not the new paint job will make a positive difference. If your parents are older and need assistance with getting their home ready for selling, you'll need to look into what kinds of steps you can take to help them out with painting.

Make Sure the Home Fits in with the Rest of the Neighborhood

The first place to get inspired regarding painting should always be the rest of the neighborhood. While this may not be the case if the homes are spaced far enough apart in a rural setting, suburban and city homes should be painted somewhat similar enough so that your home doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

While the color doesn't need to match another home perfectly, it's a good idea to stay within the same color scheme so that the home complements the rest of the neighborhood.

Keep the Paint Color Neutral

Along with fitting in with the rest of the neighborhood, it's important to keep the color neutral if you want the home to appeal to the most people. Some neutral colors to consider include a velvet brown, cream, and a hunter green. With neutral colors that fit in wonderfully with landscaping, the new coat of paint can drastically make an increase in the value of the home and will draw in the attention of potential homebuyers.

Consider If Professional Help Will Be Needed

Painting a single-story home doesn't need to be a lot of work, especially if you spread it out over the course of a number of days. While you may be able to help your parents with this task, you should consider what kind the benefits professional painters can provide. From having the right painting supplies to finishing the job in a speedy timeframe, you may appreciate the help professionals can offer.

Take Care of the Painting Well Ahead of Time

One of the most important things to do when you intend on painting the exterior of the home before selling is taking care of it as soon as possible. Once your parents have decided to move, you should tackle the task of painting so that any pictures taken of the home have the new coat of paint and before it is officially appraised.

If you decided to paint the exterior of the home for your parents before selling, it's best to take care of it in advance and keep the other tips above in mind for the best results. For more information, talk to a professional like Thompson Painting.


9 June 2016

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