What To Consider Before Placing Temporary Fencing Around Construction Areas

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Construction areas have several things going on at one time that can be dangerous to the public. For this reason, placing temporary fencing around the construction zone is a good idea. However, before doing so, it is important to consider a few factors that will help you pick the right fencing for your location.

Placing Options              

Even though this type of fencing is temporary, there are a few options for placing them securely. Each option has different qualities, which can make them useful for specific areas.

One option you have is to drill small holes into the pavement or soil for the fence posts. These holes allow you to anchor the posts into the ground, which is helpful in areas that have windstorms. When you need to remove the fencing, you simply pull up the posts and fill in the holes with new pavement or soil.

Another option you have is to pick a standalone fence. With this design, the bottom of the posts are connected to metal or plastic bars that are perpendicular to the fence. The idea is that the bottom bars prevent the fencing from tipping over. You can also place heavy sandbags on the bars to help balance the fence as well.

Gate Choices

When you are planning the location for the fence, this is a good time to consider the different types of gates. To help control the flow of people that walk in and around the construction area, it is wise to have several gate types.

By having different gates, you can keep people from walking into the path of heavy machinery that is entering and leaving the construction zone. For example, you can place smaller gates on the sides of the construction area for workers, while having a single large gate that is only for vehicles. This separation can also keep the traffic flow constant, especially when drivers do not have to stop as often to let people walk past them.

Security Measures

One last aspect to consider is the security measures you want to implore. You can choose a fencing option that has barbed wire, which helps prevent people from climbing over the top. To keep people from climbing under the fence, some fencing has a tension wire that goes along the base.

It is also important to get a lock for each gate to keep them secure once your workers leave for the day. For the larger gates, it is a good idea to use a metal chain that you can loop around the opening of the gate and then lock it to keep your location as secure as possible.


21 January 2016

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