3 Ways To Block UV Rays From Coming In Through Patio Doors

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If you're having new patio doors installed, don't forget to protect the items inside your home from UV rays that can come in through the patio door glass. These rays can cause fading even on cloudy days, making your furnishings, carpet, books, and anything else in the rays' path look old and worn before their time. Here are three ways to block those pesky rays and keep your home looking neat and in shape.

Window Film

While window film is commonly associated with windows (of course), it can be used on patio doors as well. You can apply store-bought, window-sized sheets of it yourself or have the patio door installers look for door-sized sheets so there are no seams to look at. Sometimes the film uses water or static cling to adhere to the door; these will be the easiest for you to apply yourself because they are simple to reposition. Other films have a more permanent adhesive backing that make them more difficult to reposition if the film goes astray during installation; these are best left to teams of professional installers. The film has the added advantage of reducing glare and heat transfer, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Low-e Glass or Dual-Pane Glass

You can get protection built right into the glass as well by using dual-pane glass or low-e glass that is pretreated with an anti-UV coating. These will be more expensive than simply adding film, but you don't have to worry about films starting to peel up as they get older, nor do you have to worry about bubbles forming under the film. Note that if the glass is damaged, it will be harder and more expensive to replace, especially if it's a dual-pane door that uses argon gas in between the panes -- you may have to replace the entire door and not just repair a pane.

Awnings and Sun Shades

If you prefer not to touch the glass, or you'd just like a second barrier against UV rays and heat, you can always install a sun shade or awning outside the door. These will cut down on light, too, if they actually block the sunlight from reaching the door. Awnings and shades should be installed professionally if you're having them permanently attached to the home (as opposed to placing a patio umbrella in front of the door, for example).

If you'd like to find out more about how each option will work for you, talk to patio door installers like Fas Windows and Doors and see what they offer. They can show you options and let you know how each has helped other customers keep everything inside the home safe from UV rays.


16 December 2015

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