Protect Your Workers In Cold Weather

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If you run a construction site and have workers in cranes, on partially finished building floors, and in other construction situations where the workers are exposed to the elements, plan out now how you're going to keep the workers healthy and safe during the cold weather. Crane operation and using other equipment can become dangerous as temperatures drop and wind speeds increase. Here are six ways to keep your workers safe in colder weather.


Frostbite is a real risk, especially if the crane operator is high up and in windy conditions. Gloves are a necessity to ensure fingers don't fall victim to frostbite, and your workers need to wear them whenever the weather feels chilly. Remember, the air temperature doesn't have to be that low for the wind chill to make frostbite a reality.

Sick Time

Cranes are heavy equipment, and you don't want sick workers who have taken cold medicine to be trying to operate the cranes. Ensure your workers take time off to recover so that they can work without medical intervention.

Frequent Breaks, Especially for Workers High Up

Don't let workers stay out in the cold for too long. If you have workers in high places -- literally, like on girders and in tall crane booths -- have them take breaks and come down from the high places regularly. However, don't neglect your other workers who are down on the ground. Have them take breaks as well so that they aren't suffering from chilblains or hypothermia.

Provide Shelter, Food, Warm Drinks, Extra Clothing

As part of those breaks, the workers should be able to go somewhere warm that has food and warm, nonalcoholic drinks. Also provide some extra clothing like hats, scarves, and jackets so people can change out of items that have gotten wet if there's any rain or snow.

Promote Layers

Have your workers wear a few layers of clothing. The layers provide insulation and also let them adjust how bundled up or how much cooler they want to be as the temperature changes throughout the day. A layer of clothing plus a heavy jacket is no good if the person starts to sweat and needs to take the jacket off -- you want them to have several thinner layers so they can customize their comfort over the course of a day.

Reschedule if Necessary

If there's a real freeze happening, see what work you can move to a later date. Especially in the far northern reaches of the country where temperatures can plunge drastically, sometimes it's not worth getting the work done that day because your workers could be in too much danger from the cold.

If you want other ways to keep workers well, talk to your crane operators and other workers to see which aspects of the weather are still making it difficult for them to work. Talk to crane companies  such asCook Crane Corp about insulated operation booths as well.


28 November 2015

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