Should You Paint With Rollers Or A Spray Gun?

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There are many different approaches to repainting interiors. You can with paint your home with traditional rollers and brushes. Alternatively, you can use a pneumatic spray gun to paint your interior walls. But which is better? It really depends on you personal situation and property. Both approaches will basically give your home the same quality paint job. This article will explain the pros and cons of both approaches.

Using a Spray Gun

Using a spray gun allows your to paint the walls much faster. However, it requires much more prep work. You basically need to remove and fully cover everything in all the rooms you are painting. The overspray from a pneumatic gun can be difficult to control. It is definitely a much messier way to paint the walls. Many new homes are painted with spray guns because it is easy when the floors have not been installed and there is no furniture in the home. However, if you are already living in your home, you will need to take great measures to cover the floors and protect against overspray. In most cases, the prep work when using as a spray gun will take much longer than the actual painting.

The edges and straight lines that you get when painting with a spray gun can be splotchy if they are not properly taped off. You need to use high quality painter's tape and make sure it is pushed down very well before you start spraying. Many people will tell you that the finish looks much cleaner because it leaves behind no brush or strokes.

Using a Roller

Painting with a roller takes longer, but you don't need to do as much prep work. You will still want to cover most of your floors and furniture, but you don't need to worry about overspray landing everywhere. Using a roller is also much easier than using a spray gun. You can even have your children and friends help with the labor. When painting with a roller, you can turn the project into a family activity. When using a spray gun, you need to clear everyone out of the room (and possibly the house) so they are not breathing in the paint fumes. Using a roller also allows you to go at your own pace. You don't need to rush to get all the panting done while you have the expensive pneumatic system rented.

Both approaches can give you great painting results, but choose the one that best fits your situation. Click here for more information on painting services.


22 October 2015

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