Battling A Clogged Urinal


If you are in charge of keeping restrooms within your establishment clean, and you have noticed there is a urinal in the men's room which has an abundance of liquid within, you will want to do whatever necessary to remove this material so the urinal can continue to be used by your customers. Urinal clogs are a common occurrence within bathrooms with a high usage rate, making it necessary to do maintenance if you find one is giving you trouble often. Here are some steps to take in clearing a urinal clog. 

Try Some Hand Tools

Try to push through the obstruction from the drain with the use of a hand auger. This tool is much like a plumber's snake, only on a larger scale. Point the end of the wire on the auger reel into the drain and unwind. The wire rod will push its way through any mass within the drain pipe, clearing the way for the liquid to drain properly. After you have used the auger to loosen the obstruction, use a plunger over the urinal drain to try to pull the material upward so it does not continually clog the drain.

Check The Water Flow

If the water used to flush liquid waste down the drain is not being released at a high enough pressure, water can build up in the basin of the urinal. To increase water pressure, check the valve near the bottom of your urinal to see if it had been turned so less water is released. To fix, simply turn a bit to the left to allow more water to flow through the line.

Try A Solution

Add an acidic cleaner to strip interior pipes of buildup within your urinal system. Urine contains calcium, which will deposit within the piping over time. As it dries, it hardens to the pipe interior, making water flow slow down. Acidic cleaners made especially for urinals will cut through these calcium deposits, increasing your water flow as a result.

Get Professional Help

If tools and cleaners do not work at removing the clog, call in a sewer service (such as DBR Plumbing) to help. They will be able to do a drain cleaning procedure to the plumbing lines, which removes any scaling and sediment you cannot reach on your own. Often a drain cleaning service will use hydro-jetting to remove deposits from pipes. The urinal will be removed from the wall and the drain cleaning service will use high-pressurized water to flush through the lines, giving you pipes that are completely free of any debris at all.


24 September 2015

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