Revitalizing An Asphalt Driveway

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If you have just moved into a new home that has an asphalt driveway, you may need to do some maintenance if it has not been taken care of routinely while the home was awaiting a buyer. Asphalt is a wonderful medium for a driveway surface as it is smooth and durable. It also gives a pleasing look to the visual appearance of your property. Here are some steps to follow when making repairs to an older driveway.

Do An Assessment

Shortly after you move into your home, take a walk down your driveway to scan for areas that need repair. Bring along a notebook and draw a small diagram of the driveway inside. Mark the areas with holes and cracks on the diagram so you can find them easily when it comes time to make the repairs. This will also help you determine how many materials you need to buy to make the repairs.

Clean The Surface

Before you make repairs to your driveway, it needs to be free of all debris. This will allow the asphalt filler to adhere without obstruction. Use a broom to sweep away any pine needles, dirt or branches from your driveway. Use a leaf blower to get embedded debris out of any of the cracks you will be filling. Afterward, use a pressure washer to rinse the driveway thoroughly. Allow it to dry.

Make The Repairs

Fill any smaller holes or cracks with crushed gravel. Push it into the crevices as far as you can using a screwdriver or handle of a hammer to tamp it into place. Repeat with more gravel if needed. Use rubberized asphalt filler to seal the gravel in the crevices. Rubberized asphalt filler comes in a tube that looks much like a caulking tube. Put it in a caulking gun and push the nozzle of the tube into the gravel. Inject the filler into the gravel. Cover all the gravel with the filler and use a putty knife to smooth it over the surface so the filler is uniform with the rest of the driveway. Allow it to harden.

Finish The Job

If there are larger holes in your driveway, call a professional asphalt service to add a new coating on top of the existing driveway. They will be able to fill in the gaps, leaving you with a smooth riding surface. After asphalt is repaired or a new coating has been placed, a professional service, like Stritar Seal Coating, will placed a seal coating layer to help protect the asphalt from premature cracking due to weather or excessive weight. This is applied using a special tool that has a squeegee on one side and a small bristly broom on the other. You apply the seal coating with the squeegee and brush it into place with the broom. Allow to dry and enjoy your need driveway!


10 July 2015

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