Getting More Efficiency From Your AC Unit With A House Fan

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Cooling your home in a hot climate is not a luxury; it is a necessity. People die every year from health complications that arise during heat waves. That being said, you really can't afford not to cool your home, but at the same time, it can be a challenge to afford the cost of cooling. After all, cooling a home is one of the biggest expenses a homeowner has to contend with. If you want to save some money on your cooling while reducing the wear and tear on your air conditioner, fortifying your home with a house fan is a good idea. 

The Limits of an AC Unit

When people think of an HVAC system, they often focus on an air conditioner and a furnace. These are two key components, but an air conditioner on its own can struggle to keep your home cool. Baking, cooking, and other daily activities can heat your home up, and that combined with solar heat gain can cause your home to stay warm for hours after the sun goes down. Your air conditioner will cycle through the air in your home, but it can only process so much air at one time. Thus, it can take a long time to cool your home, and the longer your AC unit runs, the more you have to pay in utility costs.

How a House Fan Can Help

A house fan is different than a ceiling fan in that a house fan does not just circulate air around your home. To install a house fan, you have to cut a hole into your attic. The house fan can then pump hot air out of your house through your attic. When the outside temperature falls below the temperature inside your house, you can open your windows and the house fan will pump hot air out even as it draws cool air in. In this way, a house fan can cool your house down in a matter of minutes. A house fan will use a fraction of the electricity that an AC unit uses, so using one to cool your home will help to allay cooling costs. 

While a house fan will not cool your home sufficiently when the outside temperate gets too high, a house fan can give your AC unit a break during the cooler evening, nighttime, and morning hours of the day. Adding a house fan to your HVAC system will help to keep costs down while providing you with a way to cool your home down quickly in the evening. 

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12 May 2015

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