Saving Money On Energy Costs: How Home Window Replacements Can Help


Have you noticed that the wooden frames surrounding your home windows are rotting away? You may want to think about getting your windows reframed, and replacing the glass is another thing to consider if you want to save on energy costs. Below, discover how home window replacements can be an investment that will keep more money in your wallet in the long run.

What Can Make Home Window Replacements an Energy Saver?

The windows are one of the most important aspects of a home when it comes to how well it is insulated. You actually lose at least 10% of the heat circulating in your home through the panes of glass, which means you are paying more money on energy costs. However, you can reduce energy costs by making sure your window frames are in a good condition. If the frames are chipped or rotten, the best thing you can do is get them rebuilt so air won't seep in or out of your house.

You can also upgrade the type of glass sitting in the window frames if you want a more energy-efficient home. There are multiple options for replacing window panes, including:

  • Double panes
  • Single panes that are thick
  • Multiple panes with argon gas

Your best bet for saving energy will be investing in windows that have argon gas between multiple panes. Argon gas is great for cutting down on heating and cooling costs because it is denser than air between panes. The gas will create a barrier that prevents air from leaving out of the house. You won't have to worry about argon gas making your windows look less clear than they should because the gas is colorless. Argon gas can be replaced if it seeps out after you have had your windows for a long time.

What Does it Cost for Home Window Replacements that Save Energy?

The majority of the cost will depend on how many windows are being replaced and the type that you opt for. Getting damaged frames rebuilt will also play a big role in what you will pay. You can expect to pay between $5,000 to $40,000 for all of your windows to be rebuilt. Each window can cost up to $1,000 if the frame is not damaged.

Make sure your home is not causing you to spend a lot on energy due to the quality of the windows. Contact a window specialist like Cheaper Window Glass to get replacements that will keep the temperature in your home how you want it!


16 March 2015

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