Holiday Plumbing Tips


The holiday season is the time of year when most people get together with their family and friends to celebrate. In addition to laughter and memories, you will probably also find yourself with a large number of people in your home. It's important that you keep your home protected, particularly when it comes to your plumbing system. There are a number of things you can do to help maintain your plumbing system while entertaining guests.

Set Up Trash Stations

If you're going to host a number of people over for the holidays, take the time to set up trash stations. This is important if you want to avoid damage to your garbage disposal. While garbage disposals do an excellent job breaking down certain vegetables, most fruits and soft foods, it's not suited for coarse meats, bones and other abrasive foods.

Setting up trash stations will prevent your guests from simply tossing their food in the garbage disposal an causing damage. Let your guests know that you would prefer they scrape any excess food off in the trash before placing their plate in the sink. This won't just protect your garbage disposal, but make clean up much easier.

Establish Toilet Rules

More guests in your home also means more guests using your bathrooms. If you're not careful, toilet issues can be a real problem, particularly clogs. Excessive amounts of toilet paper and flushing unflushables, like facial tissue, generally rest at the heart of the problem. Make it a point to discourage your guests from doing either of these things.

Since it would be uncomfortable and slightly rude to sit down with your guests and have toilet talk, make a small note that you put inside your bathroom. The note could simply read, "Toilet paper only." This will remind your guests to be mindful of what they're flushing and protect your bathroom plumbing.

Post Holiday Check Up

For most people, the holiday season last more than just a couple of days, but for several weeks. If you've hosted event after event and had a large number of people in your home, your plumbing system might need a little rehab. Once your party planning days have ended, you might want to consider having a professional plumber come and perform an inspection.

Most professionals recommend that you have these inspections performed once every year anyway. Upon completion you will have confidence that your plumbing system is in good condition and ready for the new year.

Enjoy your family and friends, but make certain you keep the protection of your home a priority.


11 December 2014

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