9 Steps For Designing And Creating A New Driveway

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When renovating your home, one area that you might consider sprucing up is your driveway. A great driveway can be complementary to your home and can also make it easier to approach your home. Here are eight tips for designing a nice driveway.

  1. Consider your budget. Whatever work that you plan to do to your driveway needs to fit within the range of what you can afford. Your project could easily get out of hand financially if you do not plan ahead of time.
  2. Plan your route. If you have the space, consider adding a curve to the driveway. You can even leave space to turn around for guests. Although it takes up more room, it helps to enhance the appearance of your driveway. 
  3. Determine your maintenance levels. Since your driveway is outside, it is exposed to elements such as rain and snow. This can impact the appearance and structure of your drive. Consider how much maintenance you want to actually do.
  4. Consider your materials. One possibility for your driveway is stamped asphalt. The asphalt is easier to replace than a whole concrete unit and gives your driveway a more beautiful, personal look.
  5. Choose the right colors. The colors you choose for your driveway should complement your home. For instance, if your home is in a beach setting, consider airier colors such as ocean blue.
  6. Create a cohesive walk. Instead of limiting your design to just your driveway, consider carrying it onto your patio or walkway leading from the driveway. This helps to create a more cohesive look.
  7. Design a border. Your driveway needs a border. A border helps to keep the edges of the drive from crumbling and keeps people from driving off of it onto your grass. You need a crisp boundary made of a solid material such as Belgian block.
  8. Install a gate. A driveway gate can really ramp up the appearance of your driveway. There are multiple options for the gate including sliding, swinging, manual, and automatic.
  9. Work with a contractor. The best way to ensure that your driveway has sound construction is to work with a professional. Even though it might seem like a simple project, there are a number of factors to be considered including the slope of the driveway.

Designing and installing a driveway can take some time, but it is well worth it. When the project is finished, your home's appearance will be more appealing to visitors.


1 December 2014

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When I decided to turn my backyard into a pool and spa space, I wanted to have a pool house built. Adding a pool house would give me somewhere for everyone to shower and change without tracking pool water and dirt into the main house. I worked with a local contractor to construct a pool house with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor showers, and full indoor restroom facilities as well as a game room and changing rooms. I created this site to journal the process so that I could hopefully inspire others to do the same. I hope this site takes some of the mystery out of the construction process for you so you can build the backyard structure you've always wanted.