4 Things To Look For In Vinyl Windows

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Are you looking for new windows? Replacement windows can be a very effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency and enhance its appearance. New windows can also help to block out noise and protect your carpet and furnishings from damaging UV rays. Vinyl windows are especially effective solutions. Vinyl doesn't present the possible rotting, cracking, or insect damage problems you could have with wooden windows. Vinyl windows come in many styles and with a number of features. Here are a few key things to look for as you're shopping for vinyl windows:

Top-quality frame construction. One of the biggest drawbacks to vinyl has been its vulnerability to fading over time. After a long period of time, white vinyl window frames may become yellow, gray, or even cracked. Many of today's vinyl frames come with additives that protect against this kind of long-term damage. Be sure to look for vinyl frames that have these additives. Also, look for frames with welded corners. That design prevents water and air from getting inside the frames, which further limits long-term fading and damage.

Energy-efficient glass. Glass may all seem like it's the same, but that's not usually the case. For instance, some panes come with low-e coatings, which reflect heat and help keep your home cool. These coatings also prevent sunlight from damaging your furniture, drapes, and carpet. Also, you may want to look for double-pane windows that have spacers between each pane. These spacers help trap air that may be sneaking in your home. The air is then blocked from coming in, which helps your home be more energy efficient.

Double lifetime warranty. Many windows offer a lifetime warranty. However, you may want to look for vinyl windows that have a double lifetime warranty, especially if you may sell the home in the next few years. A double lifetime warranty can be transferred to the next homeowner. That gives them assurance that they won't need to replace the windows anytime soon and may get you more value during the negotiation process.

Easy maintenance. The best way to maintain your windows and make sure they last for a long period of time is to clean them regularly. The easiest windows to clean are double-hung windows that tilt inward. You simply unlatch the lower frame and tilt it in, which allows you to easily clean both sides of the window. Before you buy, make sure you know how the windows can be cleaned and whether that process will be easy for you.

Visit your nearest window dealer for more information on vinyl windows. Their knowledgeable sales team can help you find the windows that are right for you.


24 November 2014

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