Creating Multiple Gables: The How And Why Of Fancy Roofing


During Victorian and Edwardian Eras, multiple gables on a roof meant that you had money to scatter. It was both expensive and complicated to build a house with gables because it required more wood and roofing materials. If you have a home that dates from one of these time periods and you would like to spruce it up a bit, building, adding on and roofing gables will need the following.

Hire a Period Architect

To get the right look for your home's roof and the right number of gables, hire a period architect. This is someone who specializes in historical restoration period-accurate remodeling. Explain to him or her that you would like to build the roof up and add more peaks to it than what it currently has. He or she can design a roof that is most appropriate for your home, and one which your hired roofers can easily duplicate.

Removing the Current Roofing

Your roofer's crew will take the entire roof off and dispose of it. You may want to park your vehicles somewhere else for the time being, as the chunks of old roof are sloughed off onto the ground and placed in the bins for disposal. Any peaks you presently have in the roof may be removed, if your period architect chose to remove them before building them back up again. While your roof is naked and bare, it is covered with a tarp to prevent any damage by precipitation.

Building up the Gables

Next, they will build up the areas that will feature the newly gabled roof. After lining it with insulation, the roof installation itself begins. Your house will gain several feet in height because of the gables, and any rooms or attic space below will expand. As the roofer's crew adds the finishing touches, you will begin to see a charming transformation to your home that perfectly places it in the century in which it was built.

Why You Might Want to Install a Gabled Roof

Requesting that a contractor install a virtually brand new roof ensures that your house will increase in both curb appeal and value. Not only does it present itself in a very appealing way to buyers, but over the next twenty years you will not need to worry about replacing the roof unless a natural disaster takes it off. With all of the new gables, you can also add more new windows, which increases the amount of natural light your home receives. It is a very popular look for very old farmhouses as well, something a buyer would find very attractive indeed.


20 November 2014

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