How To Protect Your Vehicle From Tree Damage In Your Yard

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If you live in a yard that is filled with trees, you probably enjoy the look of your trees and the shade that they provide. One thing that you might not like, however, is the damage that they can do to your vehicle. Tree limbs and pine cones can fall onto your vehicle and cause dents and scratches, or you could be worried about tree sap getting stuck to your paint. Luckily, following these tips will help you protect your vehicle from tree damage.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

First and foremost, make sure that you keep your trees well-trimmed. Getting rid of thin, brittle or dead limbs will help prevent anything from falling on your car, plus it will make your trees look a lot better and become a lot healthier.

Use a Car Cover

You can invest in a tarp or car cover to put on top of your vehicle when it isn't in use, which is a great way to help protect your car from tree sap and other damage. These covers are generally affordable and easy to put on, and they can be a great option if you don't have a garage or carport.

Park in the Right Place

It's obviously smart to park your vehicle away from your trees if at all possible. If it's not, assess your trees, and park away from the ones that seem to have the most dead limbs or pine cones. Instead, park near healthier trees that don't seem to shed their limbs as frequently.

Invest in a Carport

If possible, consider investing in a carport from a company like Sauer & Sons Construction so that you can protect your car. You can buy a pre-built aluminum carport, so you don't have to worry about long building times. Plus, a carport can be transported, so it's a good option if you rent or don't know if you'll be living in the same house for a long time. Plus, not only can it protect your vehicle from tree damage, but it can also protect it from hail, bird droppings and more.

Trees can cause damage to your vehicle if you aren't careful, but this doesn't mean that you're stuck with dents, dings and tree sap because of it. Instead, try one of these tips for protecting your car from your trees. Then, you can enjoy the beauty of your plants without having to compromise the paint job or overall condition of your car.


19 November 2014

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