Garage Door Not Operating Properly? 5 Problems You Might Be Facing

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Imagine pulling into your driveway in the pouring rain and finding out that your garage door is broken. Suddenly you're left trying to cart all of your groceries through the rain.  There are a number of problems that can cause your garage door to malfunction. Some of those issues may involve your garage door opener. Here is quick troubleshooting guide to help you determine what might be wrong with your garage door.

Garage Door Opens But Won't Close

If your garage door opens properly but won't close, you might have a problem with the safety sensor beam. Check your garage to make sure that you don't have anything blocking the safety beam. If there isn't anything in the way, you should have the safety beam inspected. It might be misaligned.

Remote Control Works But Main Switch Doesn't

If the main switch isn't working to open or close your garage door, you should try closing it with the remote control. If the remote control works, you might have a problem with the wiring in the wall switch. Carefully remove the switch plate cover from the wall switch and see if you can locate the loose wire. If you can't, you should contact a garage door technician.

Garage Door Won't Open

If you can hear the garage door opener motor running but the door won't open, you may be looking at a couple of problems. Those problems include:

  • Worn gears in the opener
  • Broken drive chain
  • Worn chain drive sprocket

Garage Door Reverses While It's Closing

If your garage door suddenly reverses when it is closing, or it refuses to completely open, there may be an obstruction somewhere in the track system. Another issue that could be causing your door to suddenly reverse could be a faulty safety sensor.

Garage Door Slips While Opening

If your garage door slips a few inches while it's opening, there may be a problem with the chain drive. Loose or damaged chain drives can result in your garage door closing rapidly.  If you notice that your garage door slips, close the door and do not use it again until you can have it repaired.

Problems with your garage door can lead to serious safety issues, especially if the safety sensor is involved. The list above will help you determine what's wrong with your door. If you still cannot identify the problem, you'll need to contact your garage door repair technician.


19 November 2014

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