Five Ways To Decorate Your Driveway Gates This Christmas

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A great way to welcome guests this holiday is to decorate and embellish the exteriors of your home, including the gate to your driveway that leads to your property. This sends a warm sentiment and festive message to all who are coming to visit, as well as neighbors, friends, and passers-by. Try the following five suggestions to give your driveway gate a merry makeover this holiday season:

Go with something green.

Nothing signifies the holidays like the simple look of rich, green balsam accented with clusters or ripe, red berries and pine-cones. This is a traditional treatment that looks great in the home, across the mantle, or hanging on the front door. Make a swag, using rope and groupings of green foliage, or use artificial, which will last for holidays to come.

Keep it sweet and simple.

If you have a neutral-toned gate, give it a pop of color with simple, hand-tied bows. These need no other adornment, and you can use any color that you wish. Try something vibrant and unconventional, such as purple or lime-green, for a contemporary twist on holiday décor.

Give your gate some whimsy and fun.

Toys and gifts are part of the holiday season, and your driveway gate can echo this same feeling and spirit. Wrap boxes of varied sizes in weather-resilient paper, such as cellophane or plastic bags. Tie them with big, bright bows and secure them to the gate door using wire.

Deck the halls- and driveway, too.

Give your driveway gate a quick flourish and flair with a big cluster of jingle bells. Hang a bunch of bells, of any and all sizes, on a decorative red cord or metal ring. Secure this on the gate door for a traditional look with an unexpected sound every time someone enters your property.

Gorgeous gates that exude luxury.

Make your gate look like a gem-encrusted piece of jewelry with clear mini-lights and metallic baubles. Wire gold, silver, and glittered baubles to ribbons and cluster on the front of the gate. Or, drape metallic beading, sold inexpensively for holiday accenting, around the gate, around pickets, and over fencing for shimmer and sparkle.

Begin your holiday decorating projects by tackling the gate to your property's driveway. Adding a festive touch to this often-overlooked feature of your home will put you—and anyone who pays you a visit—in the Christmas mood, even when decorated long before the peak of the holiday season.  


19 November 2014

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