3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm During The Winter


If you live in a cold location, doing some extra things to keep your home warm during the winter can make all the difference in the world. This will not only help you to save money on your heating bill, but you will also be able to feel more comfortable and warm in your home. This article will give you 3 tips for keeping your home warm during those cold winters months. 

Replace The Glass In Your Windows

If you find that your home is not keeping heat in like you would like it to near your windows, it is an excellent idea to replace the glass in the windows altogether. The glass in your windows may be old, and may be very thin. The insulation around your windows may also be poor, or there may be a crack in your window somewhere. Either way, this will let cold air into your home more easily. Replacing these windows with thicker glass windows that are securely installed and have insulation placed around them, will greatly help to keep your home warmer during the winter.

Cover Your Windows With Plastic

Placing plastic over your windows to help keep the heat in is also a great option. Using plastic on windows that you can't afford to replace will help to keep your home warm. Also placing plastic on new windows can also be beneficial for added protection from the cold. This plastic is often sold at home improvement stores, and comes in large rolls. You roll out the plastic to cover the entire frame of your window, and you then tape it securely into place. This will keep that cold air trapped between the window and the plastic, rather than letting it enter your home.

Check The Weather Stripping On All Exiting Doors

Another simple way to help keep the heat in and the cold out of your home is to check all of the weather stripping on the doors that exit your home. Weather stripping is meant to protect your home from both wetness and cold or heat, but the weather stripping must be in good condition to function properly. Replacing weather stripping that has been torn or otherwise rendered useless will help to keep the cold from entering your home and taking away from your heat.

Whether you replace your windows, cover them with plastic, replace your weather stripping, or do all three, you are helping to keep your home warm during the winter. 


19 November 2014

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